In October t2019. the first edition of FOOTBALL BEGINNERS of Istria 1961started, as part of which 30 girls and boys of preschool age born between 2012 and 2014 will be able to experience their beginnings in football.

The school started operating on October 1, 2019 and ends on June 31, 2020, and the monthly membership fee is 250 KN per month / 9 months.

Membership fee includes:

2 workouts per week – 9 months
1 season ticket for home games 1. HNL
Macron sportswear: jersey, shorts, socks, tracksuit.
A 30% discount on the amount of the monthly membership fee is given to children who come from socially disadvantaged families or are in a social welfare program, which is proven by appropriate documents.

How to enroll your child?

Enrollment is possible from August 20 to September 20, 2019 in person at the Club premises.



Locations and training time

MONDAY and THURSDAY 16:00 – 17:30 (2 groups)
Dom Braće Ribar Pula (November, December 2019, January, February, March 2020)
Polygon Aldo Drosina Stadium Pula (October 2019, April, May, June 2020)

What is the Football Beginner of NK Istra 1961?

It is a sports-entertainment-pedagogical program
It is a place of adopting healthy living habits for a child; our coaches act as educators
It is a program through which we intend to provide comprehensive training to the child through football, and the basic pillars are: Fun, Learning, Training
It is an environment of zero tolerance for discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, physical ability, etc.
Accordingly, our philosophy will not be focused on the technical-tactical elements of football, but on the overall psycho-physical development of the child.
Avoidance of harmful phenomena such as competition, misconduct, discrimination, swearing…

Work program

Development of strength, flexibility, speed and endurance
Development of basic psychomotor skills: laterality, coordination, balance…
Injury prevention through balanced and tailored training
Getting to know your own body and possibilities.
The habit of warming up and stretching
Introducing a healthy lifestyle
Rational use of technology
Promoting team spirit
Respect for human rights
Gradual development of basic intellectual skills (attention, expression, perception, memory ()
A football beginner is an ideal complement to school and family education